3. Add Games

Add New Game Screen
Add New Game Screen

Any game that you want to track the score or result for should be added into Versus. Once you have added a game then you can then use it in unlimited different Versus. Where you play different versions of the same game you can opt to add in each version (each with its own settings) by using the 'Variant' option (more details below).

Game Name

This is simply the general name of the game. If it is a game that has numerous variations (i.e. Scrabble Classic and Scrabble Trickster or Pool 8-Ball and Pool 9-Ball) then you should record the generic name in the Game Name field and the variation should be recorded in the Variant section.


As mentioned above, where a game has multiple versions then you should add a separate game for each that you play, using this Variant field to distinguish between them. Note: Each Variant can have its own game settings.


You can add a category to group different games together. This is used mainly in Analysis where you can view statistics across numerous different games that share the same category.

How you select and use categories is up to you but some common categories might include:

  • Board Games
  • Card Games
  • Computer Games
  • Sport (Ball)
  • Sport (Racquet)
  • Sport (Target)
Game Image

You can add an optional image to represent the game. This will appear in any game / Versus lists that include this game. If you do not choose an image then the default image will be used.

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