2. Add Players

Add New Player screen
Add New Player screen

For any game or sport that you are going to score or track using Versus, you will need to add details of the people that you play with. Once you have added a player they can then be used in unlimited Versus (i.e. you only have to add a player once).

Adding details of players allows for a full record of results to be built up for everyone that is involved in the games that you play.

First and Last Name

This is simply the First and Last name of the player. This should be the real name of the player. You do not need to use this name as the display name within the app (see below) but you will likely find having the person's proper name included useful if / when you export the data from Versus.

Nick Name

Versus allows you to use an alternative name in the app as your 'display name'. Adding a Nick Name gives you more options in terms of this.

Display Name

Based on the First Name, the Last Name and the Nick Name entered, Versus automatically provides a number of suggested display names.

Note: It is the display name that is selected here that is used throughout the app.

Player Image

For each player you have the option of using an image to represent them. This can either be an image that you take with the camera from within the app or it can be an image you select from your camera roll.

Player Colour

In addition to an image, you can select a colour to represent each player. Using different colours for each player really helps distinguish between players when using the app. Anywhere where the player's name appears will take on the colour selected here.

Alternative Option: Teams

There is no built in way to add teams (at least not yet) but there are various ways that you can set up a 'player' to act as a team. For example, you could add your name as normal to the First and Last name fields (as this would allow you to link your team and individual records together after export) and then add the team name to the Nick Name field - either the actual name of your Team or simply a generic 'My Team' that you could use in multiple Versus. You would then select the Nick Name (I.e the team Name) to be used as the Display Name.

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