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Analysis View
Analysis View
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League View
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Player Analysis


Simply as a scorekeeping app Versus is great. However keeping scores is only a small part of the Versus's strength. Versus is essentially a mobile database that is constantly growing with all of your gaming and sporting results. But what use is that if you can't do anything with that data? Not a lot. That's why Versus provides you with numerous ways to view the data. It also gives you the option to export the data so that you can carry out further analysis elsewhere.

Versus analysis

For every Versus that you create, a full match history is recorded. You can drill down into each match and review every point that has ever been added. You can also view various statistics either in 'Analysis View' or 'League View' each of these are briefly outlined below.

Analysis View

In analysis view you are presented with a chart that graphically shows how many matches each participant has won.

Additionally, for each player, you can see Win. Loss and Draw counts (and ratios). You can also see a note of each players average score (and their total score) across all matches.

You can filter the data by various time intervals to see how you performance differs over time.

League View

For some Versus (though not all) it will be useful to view the match results in a traditional league format. This view tallies the Wins, Losses and Draws for each player to establish their league points. The league is then ordered starting with whoever has the most league points.

Alternatively, for games or sports, where the number of league points is unimportant, the league can instead be ordered by total points scored in the matches. This is useful for (e.g.) a stroke play golf competition where the winner is the person who hits the least shots in total as opposed to who hits the lowest score in each individual round.

League view will be irrelevant for many Versus but it can still provide some interesting insights.

Game analysis

The same game can be used in unlimited amounts of Versus. As such, it can be interesting to view how well you (and others) are doing generally in that game.

Category analysis

Games that have the same category can also be viewed together. This allows you to see how well you are (for example) performing in all Board Games or all Ball Games.

Player analysis

An overview of ever player's statistics is also available. This will show you how many Versus each player is involved in and their overall Win Ratio. You can also see how many wins, draws and losses the player has had in total.

Data export

For Analysis

Although Versus offers some analysis on all of the different versus, games and categories that you play in, there may be other areas that you would like to analyse further. For each Versus there is the option to download all match data for each level of scoring that you capture. Once exported you can carry out further analysis on the data in Excel, Numbers or any other statistics package that you may use.

Some blog posts are planned that will provide some examples on the kind of additional analysis that you might like to do.

For Sharing

The data that you capture in Versus is totally private and secure and visible only to you. You may however wish to share some of this data with the players that you play with. This can be done by either using the share option within the app (which will export a screenshot and a comment) or it can be done by exporting the data into spreadsheet format and sharing that. The blog post on 'making the most of league view' provides detailed instructions about how to share data in this way.

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