5. Create Versus

Add New Versus screen
Add New Versus screen

Once you have added a game, and the players that play it, then you can join them together into a 'Versus'. For every Versus you create you can go on to record the score of an unlimited amount of matches.

Versus Name

Give the Versus a title that tells you about this regular game / particular competition / series of matches etc. Don't just use the name of the game that you are playing as you may go on to play other groups of people at this same game and then it will be difficult to distinguish between them. Here are some examples of good titles:

  • Tennis with Mike
  • Tuesday night badminton
  • Golf with Simon
  • Weekly Scrabble night
  • Monopoly with the family

This is optional but you can use it if you like to give a bit more detail about each Versus. It could include the location of the event (if that is a regular place) or it could be a note about the rules that you use in this particular Versus etc.


All of the games that you have added to the app will be displayed in the picker. You should select whichever game is the focus of the Versus.


Lastly, you need to specify who is involved in this particular Versus. Tap the names of all relevant people.

Note: You should add all possible participants at this point. You can exclude people on a match to match basis within the scoring page if some people do not play / attend each match.

Additional Note

Versus has been designed to capture matches between specific groups of people playing specific games. If the players change, or the game changes (rules / version etc) then a new Versus should be created to reflect the new situation. Existing Versus cannot be edited. (A future function will allow 'archiving' of redundant Versus). Locking it down in this way ensures that the data and analysis is consistent.

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