6. Score Matches

Scoring screen
Scoring screen

Note: This image depicts a game of Scrabble that scores only 1 level: Points. Note also that scores are hidden during play. The active player is the one highlighted with their player colour. Finally, note the various 'accessory' buttons available for this game - timer / dice etc.


Having set up your players, your games and your Versus you are now in a position to begin scoring some matches (which, of course, is the whole point of all of this!).

By tapping on an existing Versus, you are presented with the option to 'Score new match'. Tapping this opens up the scoring screen.

Match Date

A default date of today's date is added when you launch a new game. If you are adding in a result from another date then you can tap on the date and select the relevant date from the date picker that appears.

Player Selection / Active Player

When the scoring screen opens all of the players that were added to the Versus will be listed in a random order. There will be one 'Active Player' selected at all times. This player will be highlighted on screen using the player's chosen colour. You can change who the active player is by tapping on their name.

If you are using 'Auto Advance' then after a score is submitted for one player the next player will automatically be selected.

If you are using Simple Scoring then, alongside the buttons for +1 and -1 will be arrows that allow you to quickly change the active player.

Note: If any players are not playing in this particular match then they can be deleted (by swiping left on their name). Deleting a player here only removes them from this match.


Simple Scoring

With Simple Scoring you simply adjust the score of the active player by using the +1 and -1 buttons.

Standard Scoring

Using Standard Scoring you need to use a combination of the available values to reach the. score that you need. Once you have reached this value tapping 'Go' will submit the score against the active player.

Note: Tapping on the + sign (or - sign) reverses the direction of scoring. This can be useful if you incorrectly add a score and need to correct it.

Using Accessories

If you have opted to include accessories in the game's settings then these will visible on screen and available for use.

Tapping on the shot timer will start a countdown of the time specified in the game settings.

Tapping on the dice will roll the dice. Note: Shaking the device will roll the dice again.

Tapping on the match timer will display how long is left on the timer and allow you to pause or reset the timer.

Ending a game / match

At the end of the game when all of the scores have been added, tapping 'End' will end the game and calculate the winner. If you are playing a game with 2 scoring levels then you will be given the option to play another game.

Additional Note / Tip

For games where you are adding in the scores post-play it is worth considering how 'granular' you want to be when adding in your scores. For example if you are recording your scores for a round of golf then you could just add your final score (e.g. 80) in one go or you could add in the score you got at each hole separately. If you do the latter then that granularity is recorded in the app and you would be able to perform some analysis on your scores on each hole.

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