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Update: Version 1.4.0

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Release Notes: Version 1.4.0

The latest release (1.4.0) of Versus App contains a new 'note taking' feature.

Note Taking

When playing games there are often notable events that happen. It could be a particularly high scoring point in Scrabble, or playing football in extreme weather conditions. In truth it could be anything.

This new feature in Versus allows you to capture these notes and save them for posterity and future reference. Notes can be added directly from the scorekeeping screen by clicking on the little pencil button (see the first of the attached screenshots). This will open the note taking screen (seen in the second screenshot). Additionally notes can be added (and viewed) by clicking on the 'View / Add Notes' button in the match details screen.

There are 2 types of note available:

General Match Notes

This note type would be to make general notes about the match / game in question. It could be a post-match summary or a note about the weather conditions or what equipment was used etc.

Specific Shot Notes

These are notes that relate to a specific point. This note type will only really work for games where you use Versus to keep the score during play. For example if you use Versus to score a game of Scrabble then if someone gets a big score for a particular word then you might wish to make a note of what that word was. To do this you would select 'Shot' in the Note Taking window (instead of the default 'Match').

Note: To properly capture the points value for the shot in question then the note should be created after the points have been added but BEFORE the score is submitted by clicking the 'Go' button. (You need to remember to then click 'Go' after adding the note).

NB: This type of note can only be added during play. It is not possible to add notes of this type to a completed match.

Other changes
  • Minor UI tweaks
  • Memory use improvements

Versus, the most flexible score keeping and tracking app available anywhere, is available to download for free on the Apple App Store.



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