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Update: Version 1.4.1

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Release Notes: Version 1.4.1

The latest release (1.4.1) of Versus App added a couple of new features.

Download All Match Data

The exporting of data has been a part of Versus for a few versions now and for each Versus you can download up to 3 levels of score data and also league view data.

Until now data has needed to be exported on a Versus-by-Versus basis. This latest update allows for all Match level data to be downloaded together. It is the same data/fields that are exported as when selecting 'Export Match Data' from an individual Versus but is for all Versus.

This new function can be accessed by tapping the Info button on the Home Screen. (See first screenshot)

Keep an eye on this blog as there are a few tutorial videos that are in production just now to detail some of the ways that you might use exported match data for further analysis.

Note Indicators

The previous update included the ability to add notes to either a match in general or to a specific shot/point within a match. This update has added a little icon within the Match History screen that indicates whether the match has any attached notes. If it does then a little pencil icon will be displayed. This provides a quick visual guide for if you are wanting to review previous notes. (See example in second screenshot)

There is still the ability to add a note to any match at any time. Only shot/point notes need to be added during scoring.

Other changes
  • Changed the way notes are displayed in the table to allow for the table row to grow as opposed to shrinking the note text
  • Some layout improvements in the Versus Match History screen to better accommodate longer text / scores

Versus, the most flexible score keeping and tracking app available anywhere, is available to download for free on the Apple App Store.



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