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Update: Version 1.5.0

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Release Notes: Version 1.5.0

The latest release (1.5.0) of Versus App added a huge new feature….

Results Overview / Form Guides

There are various ways that you could already view match result information in Versus. For example via each individual Versus or by using any of the analysis options that let you view result summaries by Versus, by Game, by Category or by Player. These are useful ways of viewing your results but there wasn't an easy way to get a quick overview of the spread of individual match results. There is now…

The new Form Guides are effectively a large spreadsheet that makes it nice and easy to visualise results. Accessed via the existing Analysis screens, Form Guides display this information based on whatever grouping has been selected.

As you can see in the GIF above (tap it to play it), you can now view all your match results in this new format. The table has as many rows as it needs to take account of however matches have been played. The columns are either Versus, Game, Category or Player and this is set by using the picker at the top of the Analysis screen.

What else would you like to see in Versus?

I hope you agree that this is a great addition to our app. But what else would you like to see?

Please get in touch with whatever features you would like to see in future versions of Versus: Advanced Scorekeeper. We are open to all suggestions and will endeavour to get any popular request implemented.

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