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Round Robin

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Round Robin

A round robin competition is one where each participant competes against every other participant. It's an odd name (and there seems to be an unclear understanding about its etymology) but it is a commonly used term and a widely used format.

At the end of a round robin competition, you simply tally the number of wins, draws and losses to find the winner. As everybody plays everybody else, it is, arguably, better placed to find the overall 'best' player than a knockout tournament. This is certainly the case when the competition is played out over a length of time (e.g. a season). In a knockout tournament, players can get lucky draws, be affected by injury or poor form and these factors can seriously affect the outcome. Of course, it is these very things that make knockout tournaments so compelling to watch.

A round robin competition however helps to balance the likelihood that the actual best player is crowned champion. In fact it is the basis for most leagues in sports around the world. For example, the English Premier League is an example of a 'double round robin' competition where each team in the league plays every other team twice over the course of a season.

Versus app is perfect for scoring and tracking your own round robin competitions but it is maybe not immediately obvious how to set it up. Hence this handy guide.

To score a round robin tournament in Versus:

  1. Ensure that each player that is participating in the round robin has been added as a player in Versus app.
  2. Ensure that the game being played has been added.
  3. Create a new Versus with a relevant name - e.g “Pool - Round Robin” (if you are likely to want to have another round robin at a later date then maybe add the date in too). Add all the players that are involved. Select the relevant game.
  4. Launch the Versus in scoring mode and delete whatever players are not playing in the first game (by swiping left on their name). Score the match with the remaining players.
  5. End the match once done.
  6. Score a new match with the next pair of participants.
  7. Repeat until everybody has played everybody else.

Once this has been completed the Analysis screen will show how many games each person has played and how many games they have won. The table is ordered by number of wins and draws and so the person who has won the round robin will appear at the top. If 2 players have an equal record then the winner can be determined by who has a higher average points tally or who scored the most points in total. Or, of course, they could have a play off match.

[Edit: version 1.3.3 has added a league view which would be best used to view ‘standings’ in this scenario. Though the analysis page still provides useful insights into performance.]


Versus, the most flexible score keeping and tracking app available anywhere, is available to download for free on the Apple App Store.



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